• attend all training sessions (unless otherwise agreed) and be available for matches (unless otherwise agreed)

  • inform the coaching staff if unable to make training or a game as far in advance as possible e.g. holidays

  • be an attentive listener with eye-to-eye contact and respond positively to all the coaching team

  • give maximum effort in every aspect of training and matches

  • make every effort to develop individual skill, understanding and conditioning

  • care about my team mates and their success and help to create a positive environment

  • talk to my coach if unhappy with any aspect of the team or talk with my parents and the coach

  • bring a light and dark top to training, bring a ball to training

  • keep phones away in a bag at training and matches

  • when using social media etc only post images where you have permission of the person


  • be supportive both of my own child and other players in the team during training and games

  • promote an ethos of respect in dealings with opposition coaches, players, parents and officiating staff

  • ensure my child has a means to travel to games or share lifts with other parents

  • keep an open dialogue with the coach to keep them informed of any situations, decisions or relationships that feel need to be addressed or promoted

  • keep up to date with payments and keep the coach, team manager or treasurer aware of any issues with fee payment

  • give consent to Brentwood Fire to utilise my son/daughter’s name, voice, statements, photographs, images, likeness, actions in any live or recorded form (including, but not limited to, any form of photography, video, display, web content or other transmission or reproduction), in whole or in part, for promotional, training and assessment of my child

  • to have read, or been made aware of, the club's photography and videoing policy on the website as part of our safeguarding policy

  • aware of our privacy notice and how we manage and administer your personal data (policy on website)

  • in providing player's mobile/email - consent is given for the coach/treasurer/club secretary to communicate with a player, usually in a group. (when a communication is sent to a player a copy will always be cc'd to another adult in the club)


Transfer Policy - Brentwood Fire does not permit players to transfer to other teams during the basketball season